Use this Pak Games Invite Code to Join Excluse VIP Events !

pak games invite code

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for instructions on how to sign up and create an account on Pak Games using an invite code. Assuming you have all the required materials handy, creating an account should take you no more than four minutes. A list of the registration steps is provided below.

To expedite the registration process, we’ve added an invitation code in addition to an embedded registration form. Play to win thrilling prizes after enjoying a leisurely read through of the instructions.


1. Search for and paste a PAK GAMES INVITE CODE into your web browser.

pakgames google

• To view the Pak Games website, use a desktop or mobile browser. You will be taken to the Tiranga Games registration page.

NOTE: You’ll notice that the Invite Code field already has an invite code entered. Just prepare your password and phone number beforehand.

• Fill out the registration form on the registration page or by clicking the registration link above.

2. Enter your phone number, (+91), select a strong password.

3. Make sure your password is robust and contains a variety of characters.

• Select a strong password with a minimum length of eight characters that combines lowercase, capital, and symbol characters.

• Avoid using easy passwords like “qwerty” or “abc12345.”

• Either commit this password to memory or securely save it in a password management application.

4. Enter the invite code for Pak Games (USE OUR INVITE CODE).

INVITE CODE : 72331196381

  • Enter your Registered account number (+92) on PakGames 
  • Enter your Password, please to know that your registered account must be at least Lowercase and Uppercase letter along with numbers
  • Press Log in to Proceed login to your PakGames Account


To get in touch with our customer support, click the icon below. We’ll do all in our power to help you resolve your problems.

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